Various Conditions That Require Vocal Cord Operation

Vocal cord surgery is one of the medical procedures performed to overcome various disorders of the vocal cords. Before the vocal cord surgery is performed, the doctor will first make a diagnosis to find out the patient's condition. Not all vocal cord disorders must be treated with surgery, it can also be through sound therapy, or injections with certain drugs. The type of treatment given will be adjusted to the conditions experienced. Therefore, doctors need to do a careful examination to find out the underlying cause. Various kinds of vocal cord disorders The vocal cords function to change the air coming from the lungs into sound. Everyone's voice is different, depending on the size and shape of their respective vocal cords. When there is interference on the vocal cords, your voice will become hoarse and disturbed. In general, vocal cord disorders include: Laryngitis Laryngitis is inflammation that occurs in the larynx or voice box (voice box) in the throat. This c
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